#2 Self Evident Loves

These are things I love that need no further explanation. You should love them too.

Christian rock
Sean Hannity
Bond chicks
Land mines
Dr. Laura Schlesinger
Swanson pot pies
End tables
Insurance companies
Hilary Clinton’s hair
Peanut butter
Colorectal cancer
Wood paneling
John Wayne movies


2 Responses to “#2 Self Evident Loves”

  1. Hi Satan,

    It’s been a while. I know, I know, I hate you and you hate Me. But I love Christian Rock and Land Mines too!

    Perhaps we can find some common ground and end this spat.

    The One and Only Almighty God (Ruler and Master of the Universe)

  2. stuffsatanloves Says:

    I love you. Don’t you know that? It is because of you that I am going to bring about the destruction of the world!! Then I will be MASTER of all that destruction. It’s marvelous.

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