#11 Douches

I love two things I want to discuss today. One is the douche. The Other One called me a douche the other day. That is such a perfect gem of an item, I wanted to concomitantly thank the Other One while simultaneously extolling the virtues of the douche. I would love to be a douche. I would get to explore the insides of vaginas. Of course, I do this already when I act as a penis, but as a douche, I would be operating under a different mechanism. I would be cleaning the vagina, bathing in the delicious mucous and bits of urine, not to mention all the other discharges that flow from that sacred place. I could also cause infections and a bit of harm while the user assumes I am bringing goodness. Wow. I get a charge just imagining it. Thank you, Other One, for calling me what I would like to be! Thank you, Douches, for being such a perfect item and for entering that dark hole the Other One so loathes.

Actually, come to think of it, I love the spot between the scrotum and the penis on a man as much as I love the vagina in a woman. Such a warm, smelly, sweaty place, inviting to fungi and lint! I get all tingly thinking about that spot I so love. It is even better when the man gets a nice jock itch going there and cannot get comfortable, or a spate of herpes to brighten up his day. Delightful. I love it!


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